DevOps In-Depth

DevOps In-Depth

This course is conducted in duration of 3-4 days covering every aspect of DevOps Tools and Technologies in Detail. This course is also supported with hands-on exercises.

DevOps concepts

Release management concepts

Importance of Automation: Unix, PS scripting, Python / Perl.

SVN/GIT – Basic level of administration and management not from user point of view e.g. Developer use case.

Continuous Integration : Jenkins, TFS

Build tools Maven, ANT, Gradle

Basic level of Tomcat and Weblogic administration and management

Basic level of deployment topologies and architecture of Java web apps.

Basic level of infrastructure components e.g. Load balancers , reverse proxies, messaging severs, Databases and caching solution, e.g. Akamai

What are compute, storage and network layers?

Virtualization, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud concepts.

What are Containers – UNIX and Docker

Docker – Manifest and other configuration.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery

Automation in Configuration Management: Puppet, Saltstack, Ansible, Chef.

Puppet file

Ansible - How to.

Infrastructure and application health monitoring tools: Nagios etc

Performance monitoring tools: App Dynamics